If you have spider veins, varicose veins, or other symptoms of vein disease, you MUST consult a vein clinic in Long Island.

Most people assume spider veins and varicose veins are cosmetic problems with no medical complications or long-term concerns. However, this assumption is based on a completely false (and dangerous) myth. Spider veins and varicose veins are usually caused by an underlying circulatory disorder known as chronic venous insufficiency — your vein valves collapse, and blood accumulates in the leg veins.

You can generally identify early vein disease with these symptoms — leg heaviness, restless leg syndrome, throbbing leg veins, frequent leg cramps, and more. If left untreated, vein disease gradually escalates, leading to skin problems, skin discoloration, leg ulceration, deep vein thrombosis, and other complications. If you identify the signs or symptoms of vein disease, you must consult a vein clinic in Long Island.

Our vein clinics in Long Island provide personalized minimally invasive vein treatments just for you.

Our spider vein and varicose vein clinics in Long Island specialize in minimally invasive vein treatments. In the past, vein disease could only be treated with complex surgical procedures that entailed extended downtime, hospitalization, general anesthesia, and high complication rates. However, we provide in-office and outpatient procedures that conclude within an hour with no downtime or harsh side effects — we have a perfect track record, as evidenced by our 5-star ratings.

Our vein doctors personalize all vein treatments according to your specific needs and concerns. They review your medical history and insurance coverage options, discuss your symptoms and goals, and administer advanced ultrasound tests to trace the root cause of your problems. After identifying the source, they curate minimally invasive vein treatment plans just for you. We collaboratively curate the treatment plan, and you’re kept in the loop at every stage.

The following are some of our most effective minimally invasive vein treatment options:

  • Endovenous Ablation: Thermal energy or laser energy is used to treat varicose veins and the underlying vein disease.
  • VenaSeal: A medical-grade vein glue is injected into the diseased veins to seal their walls and restore effective blood circulation.
  • ClariVein: A small catheter with a rotating tip damages the diseased vein’s walls while delivering a sclerosant medicine to seal it closed, restoring effective blood circulation.
  • Sclerotherapy: A medicine called a sclerosant is injected into the spider veins to seal their walls and make them shrink.
  • Foam Sclerotherapy: The liquid sclerosant is agitated with air to produce a foamy solution that treats larger varicose veins.

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Our LI vein clinics are led by the nation’s leading board-certified vein specialists.

At our vein clinics in Long Island, you can rest assured that your treatments will be handled by the country’s leading board-certified vein doctors. Our vein specialists are officially certified by the American Board of Venous Medicine (ABVLM), an organization that formally recognizes vein doctors that pass their incredibly challenging tests and requirements. As such, our vein doctors have established themselves among the upper echelons of vein physicians in the US. They are patient, compassionate, and make sure you have a physically and emotionally comfortable vein care experience.

Learn more about our board-certified vein doctors here.

Give us a call for your free insurance verification.

If you’re considering vein treatment, you may have concerns about your insurance eligibility. The good news is that most insurance providers cover vein treatments if they’re deemed medically necessary, i.e., if you have underlying vein disease. Our insurance concierge can review your insurance details to provide a detailed overview of your coverage during your consultation. Please call us at 888) 767- 3227 for your free insurance verification.

You can find our Long Island vein clinics in the South Shore, the North Shore, and the Hamptons.

Our vein clinics are incredibly accessible, located in every part of Long Island, including the South Shore, the North Shore, and the Hamptons. The South Shore vein clinic is located in Lindenhurst, the North Shore vein clinic is located in Jericho, and the Hamptons vein clinic is located in Hamptons Bay. Please schedule an appointment with your nearest vein clinics in Long Island to discuss your treatment options.