What can you expect from your visit to our vein clinics in Long Island?

Before visiting or scheduling an appointment at our vein clinic in Long Island, we encourage you to request free insurance verification. Our insurance concierge will ask for your insurance details, contact your providers on your behalf, work out the terms and conditions, and provide a comprehensive overview of your treatment costs. This allows us to ensure transparent billing without surprise hidden costs. After insurance verification, you can schedule an appointment at your nearest vein clinic in Long Island to start the treatment process.

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Next Steps


Complimentary Verification

Once you submit your insurance details, our front desk staff will contact your insurance providers and determine if you’re eligible for insurance coverage. We will then help you schedule an appointment at our vein clinics in Long Island.


Meet Your Vein Doctor in Long Island

Once you reach our vein clinic in Long Island, the front desk team will help you fill out some paperwork, following which you’ll meet with our vein specialists. However, if you’re running late, please give us a courtesy call at (631) 328-2174.


Curating a Treatment Plan

Our vein doctors in Long Island specialize in personalized, minimally invasive vein treatments. The vein doctor in Long Island will examine your condition and curate a personalized vein treatment plan according to your unique lifestyle, schedule, and goals.


Resume Your Daily Activities

The best part about minimally invasive vein treatments? No recovery period or downtime! The procedure concludes within an hour, following which you can resume your daily activities and work immediately. Our vein doctors will answer your questions, and then you can start feeling better!


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Am I Eligible for Insurance Coverage?

Are you wondering if you’re eligible for insurance coverage for your vein treatment?

Vein treatments are almost always covered by most insurance plans, especially if you’re diagnosed with chronic venous insufficiency. Our vein doctors in Long Island always perform thorough diagnostic tests to identify vein disease and provide medically necessary vein treatments. We work with your insurance providers to ensure you receive optimal coverage.

You can request insurance verification even before your appointment. Our front desk team will contact your insurance providers, determine if you’re eligible for insurance coverage, and provide an overview of your treatment costs. As such, you’ll know exactly what you’ll owe before your vein treatment begins.

If you have questions about your insurance eligibility, please call our vein clinics in Long Island at (631) 328-2174.


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